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There are a number of places where you can ask questions. You should first check out the forums before emailing someone. Here is a list of the available forums and groups:

The source code for Go Bible is also available on-line at the Go Bible Google Code Project page. The Go Bible Google Code Project also contains all of the source text we are using.


People you can contact regarding Go Bible:

Please direct questions to the forums first unless you feel it is better to email directly.


I haven't included their contact details here but I've compiled a list of people who have helped with Go Bible in various ways (most of these people are from the early days, since then many people have helped and I've lost track):

  • David Haslam - has contributed greatly to the Go Bible project in setting up the Go Bible Google Group, participating in the forums, answering many emails, producing various translations, testing, and more.
  • John Edwards from the Gold Coast - for his continued testing of Go Bible and support.
  • Søren Noer from Denmark - for producing the ThML version of the Danish Bible and helping test Go Bible on his phone.
  • Rob from Sydney - for advising me on how to set up a WAP page that is compatible with '3' phones.
  • James from Singapore - for organising the Indonesian and Apocrypha versions.
  • Roman from Hong Kong - for providing the Simplified and Traditional Chinese book names as well as helping test the Chinese versions on his Alcatel OT756.
  • Maria El-Ghazaly from Egypt - for helping put together the Arabic version.
  • Amir Fouad from Egypt - for helping test the Arabic version.
  • Magdi Haiman Nakhla and Emad Haiman Nakhla from Egypt - for fixing the reversed characters in the Arabic version, adding some missing verses, and helping with the user interface translation.
  • Paul - for making the Dutch version.
  • Olov Ennerstam - for helping with the Swedish version.
  • Kim Westberg - for helping test the Swedish version.
  • Frank Melo - for providing the Portuguese version.
  • Pekka Manninen - for providing the Finnish version.
  • Octavian Lupu - for providing the Romanian version.
  • Nico van der Dussen - for providing the Afrikaans version.
  • There have been many other contributers as Go Bible has taken off, thank you all!